Association Executive Services


Nick Koerbin FSAE

Executive Director- Specialist in Change Management for NFP's

Nick is one of most experienced professionals in the not for profit association sector. He has been a senior executive or CEO of a number of associations, both professional, industry and community for over 25 years. He was the author of the “Quality Journey”, which became one of the most valuable publications for businesses implementing Quality Management principles. In 2010, with a team of association professionals, he developed the AES best practice self-assessment tool. This is now used as the framework for supporting AES clients to achieve excellence. Nick has a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in Management and is a Fellow of the Quality Society of Australasia, former Board Director, State President and Fellow of the Australasian Society of Association Executives.

Maria Eliadis

Associate - Specialist in Social Policy, Program Evaluation, NFP Training

Maria is a Management Consultant with experience in the management of not for profit associations, most recently as Executive Officer of the Australasian Evaluation Society Inc. Maria provides advice on business analysis, sustainable programs and business models, leadership coaching, professional development and education businesses for AES. Maria has a Masters in Social Policy and a certificate in The Art and Practice of Leadership Development from the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University. Maria can also advise on social policy, program development/management and evaluative approaches and thinking.

Ruth Rozario

Associate - Specialising in NFP Finance, Accounting, Cash Flow Analysis, ROI

Ruth Rozario is an experienced financial professional with extensive experience in finance and risk, largely gained from working with two of the Big four banks in Australia.
She was, until recently, treasurer of a Not for Profit organisation. As treasurer, she engaged the board in focussing on the financial data and using it to achieve the organisation's business goals.
She is passionate about leading management and boards of Not For Profit organisations to be successful and powerful in achieving their strategy for growth through understanding of their financial data.

Chris Wootton

Associate - Specialist in Philanthropy Grants and Funding

Chris has worked in the philanthropic sector for over 10 years, managing the grants programs for some of the largest trusts/foundations in Australia, including the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the William Buckland Foundation. At ANZ Trustees, Chris was responsible for the grants programs for over 150 trusts & foundations, which distribute over $85M per year to charitable organisations across Australia.
Chris was also the inaugural CEO of WaterAid Australia, a new international aid and development agency which provides safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people.

Gavin Sharp

Associate - Specialist Psychologist for NFP’s

Gavin is a psychologist with over 15 years' experience specialising in individual and organisational improvement. He develops solutions and strategies for organisations, people and team issues. He possesses diverse and extensive experience in the Not for Profit sector, as well as consulting projects in the private and government sectors, higher education and NGOs. He provides support to AES clients in the areas of bullying and harassment, performance management and conflict, executive and management coaching, career management, conflict management and mediation, plus psychometric assessments. Gavin, also, has a Masters of Management and is a nationally accredited mediator.

Greg Mullins

Associate - Specialist in Government Relations, Advocacy, Submissions, Lobbying Campaigns

Greg Mullins has over 25 years' experience in policy development in the community sector, public service and business. Greg has been involved in numerous consultations and submissions, and is well versed in the engagement of government and the submission process.
Most recently, he has been involved in developing submissions to the national review of health medical research funding. Greg is a specialist in the NFP sector and assists AES client organisations with development of policy platforms and strategies for influencing governments at all levels.

John Crosby

Associate - Specialist in NFP Governance. Legal Constitution Review all Not For Profit Organisation Matters

John Crosby is a consultant, and a barrister and solicitor. He is an experienced general counsel of three different companies owned by Shell, including Shell Australia and Brunei Shell Petroleum. John has served as a company secretary, an independent director of a public company, and has served on several private company boards. He has served on committees and boards of both professional and Not for Profit organisations as a company nominee, and on the boards of community and charitable organisations. John is one of the most experienced legal practitioners within the not for profit sector. Over the last few years, he has been providing support and advice to AES clients - in particular, issues relating to NFP governance and legal matters.

Valentine Smith APM

Associate – Specialist in Investigations for NFP's, Professional Standards, Integrity,

Valentine has extensive police and community service and is an experienced practitioner in community engagement, investigation, intelligence and media relations.
For over 16 years, he was the operational manager of Crime Stoppers Victoria at state, national and international levels. He managed and coordinated the international media and community information support project for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and later in 2009 as field commander (CSI – Lyon France) on a global operation, working alongside international agencies coordinated by Interpol. In 2011 he was the operational driving force behind Australia’s inaugural national fugitive manhunt, Operation ROAM.
Val is called upon by AES clients to provide advice in areas such as, how to manage potential risk relating to criminal activities, breach of ethics and development of policy, whistle blowing, and how to deal with unethical behavior by members.