Association Executive Services

What we do

Association Executive Services (AES) was founded in 2011 by Nick Koerbin who after 25 years, CEO or senior executive of over 8 not for profit associations. Nick was frustrated with the problems he had to face with every association he was asked to lead and sharing these problems with his peers he recognised that many associations leaders were facing similar problems. 

Our core business is divided into two areas of servicing associations; 


AES provides full back office support to a number of associations, these services include membership management and development, full office functions, bookkeeping, web development and management, project management, conference and event management, board and committee support.

Some of our client relationships have lasted for 4 years or more and they have grown and prospered.  Contact us today about the services we can provide in this area.



Nick and his team, for the first time in Australia, developed a management tool that would assist the leaders and managers of Not For Profit organisations to identify how their organisation was performing against other, not for profits in Australia.  In 2013 they launched the AES Association Best Practice Self Assessment Tool, which has now been used by over 400 NFP organisations in Australia and overseas.

AES supports organisations by providing the tools, products, services and expertise to enable board members and managers of not for profit organisations to manage more effectively so they can maintain success and be sustaining NFP organisations. 

We work in partnership with our clients or members by firstly highlighting and clarifying areas that are causing problems and we use our management tools, such as the AES Association Management Best Practice Self- Assessment Survey, to assess how the organisation is performing, compare them with similar associations in Australia and create the best immediate solution. 

Examples of our projects include:  

  • Providing support to new boards and assistance with all issues of governance  
  • Strategic Planning  
  • Website review and development  
  • Membership review and development


Need more information Contact Us or phone  AES and talk to one of our team today 03 9842 6372