Association Executive Services



A membership for your association is relevant, innovative, and able to exceed the needs and expectations of your members. It will demonstrate to government departments that your association has best-practice management systems, helping you secure additional funding. It will help you attract industry leading members, employees and directors. 

The Benefits: 

1. Compare your association with Australian best practice 
This industry-first tool allows NFP associations to quickly and accurately benchmark management practices, generating immediate results on association performance in the areas of governance, employee management, membership and operations. You can use your results to inform strategic planning, achieve sustainable growth and institutes confidence in your members, customer's and stakeholders.

2. Full Association Assessment Analysis Report
After completing your self-assessment AES members can request a full analysis of their association, based on the data generated through the self-assessment. This report is invaluable for CEOs and board members, as it provides recommendations for areas of improvement and identifies elements of best practice. 

3. The AES 2015 Not For Profit Association Best Practice Report This is a comprehensive report of best practices in not for profit management in Australia. NFP leaders must be able to constantly measure the performance and management of their organisation against not only the best, but with other like organisations. The report, valued at $250 is free to AES members.

4. Two Free Hours of Management Consulting Services (per year)
AES provides all members with two hours of expert advice from our experienced association advisers. Advice targets practical strategies to improve performance areas identified through self-assessment. Conditions apply.

5. Two Hours of Desk Top IT Support
AES provides all members through their relationship with IT Connexion - free telephone support for 2 hours per member association per annum.

6. Free Financial Value Assessment
Are your membership fees correct? What is the return on investment? Members will receive an assessment of their financial position and an 1 hour's consultation through our partnership with Businesstorylab.

7. Four (4) Association Bench-marking Meetings per Year
These are meetings of leaders from member organisations. These events highlight some of the leading practices in not for profit management in Australia and allow participants to share their own experiences.

8. Advocacy Network - AES has Extensive Expertise in Advocacy and Lobbying
We are the leading providers of new knowledge for NFP advocacy and lobbying in Australia. Members can attend our How to Influence Government Policy workshops. We represent AES member associations in areas that impact on NFP organisations. Our submission to the Fair Work Commission on registered associations is a recent example.  

9. One Free Hour of Legal Advice (per year)
All members are welcome to make use of the partnership between AES and skilful, legal not for profit specialists, John Crosby & Associates. (Includes all matters relating to associations or NFPs)

10. Constitution Needs a Review?
All associations and not for profit organisations are required to follow the requirements of their constitution. We offer a brief review of your constitution and provide a summary and recommendations. Legal firms will charge by the hour - receive a legal review as part of your membership. (Legal review completed by John Crosby & Associates Barristers & Solicitors)

11. Substantial Workshop Discounts and Free Webinars
Members receive substantial discounts on all AES workshops and seminars, as well as all AES consulting services

12. AES Association News
Every AES member receives regular e-newsletter updates, which include all the latest industry innovations, changes to association and not for profit management practices and AES events, workshops and special offers.

13. Bench-marking Membership, Governance and Leadership
Join Australia wide communities of other NFPs who have completed their own assessment of their management systems and are willing to share their areas of success and needs. These are fully facilitated small groups of association leaders.

14. Join our Community Networks
We are establishing community groups through our online networking portal which will be facilitated by our experienced advisers. The community groups will be established to support each other in areas such as government relations, managing staff, managing boards, seeking funding, membership, event management, evaluation of program and lots more.

15. Get the right words on your Website!
You have your website, but are the words exciting enough to attract new members or engage present ones? Sally Wood, from Wordly, will provide members with a review of the content of their website (Maximum of 500 words).

16. A free new look Website ready for you!
Website looking tired? AES members have a great opportunity to see their website in a new look as part of the AES member benefit. Our partner Gloss Media will provide you with an example of a new fresh website.

17. Director Induction Manual, Draft Policies, HR Templates and More Online Access
Includes manuals, draft policies documents, performance management systems, latest survey results and more.

18. 1 Hour Presentation to Board Meeting
The opportunity to have one of our advisers address your next board meeting on a range matters of general matters from roles of directors through to how to manage budgets.

19. 20% discount for all short-term consulting contracts
AES advisers and consultants are some of the most experienced in their field. We provide consulting services on all aspects of association management.   

* AES membership is for organisations only. Terms and Conditions: All employees, and board directors can access the benefits of AES membership. AES has the right to change benefits at any time. Presentations do not include travel costs. Benefits are for the organisation only.

For further information, Contact Us or phone 03 8393 9382