Association Executive Services

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Strategic Planning Services

We work with your Board and Senior Management to ensure the organisation's strategic plan is used as it should be: a tool to help you manage the organisation. Read More >

Association Executive & CEO Services

Ideal for associations which need an interim CEO to help manage change or keep the organisation focused while a new CEO is being recruited.
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Association Secretariat & Administration Secretariat Services

AES provides an experienced team of professionals which can provide your back office secretariat services. We are the most experienced association management organisation in Australia Read More >

Member Database Assessment & Evaluation Services

AES provides a total evaluation and assessment of the organisation's requirements, before deciding on the best solution. AES provides a full business analyst service and the development of a requirements brief or specifications document to be used in the selection of the vendor. Read More >

Associations & Partnerships

AES can identify the potential associations have in building partnerships with other like associations, or potential partners.This could be in the form of joint events, through to adding value to respective member bases. For example, one group of members in an industry based association can be suppliers to another group of members from another association. AES can provide a total service to ensure these relationships can be developed in a commercial and beneficial manner for both organisations. Read More >

Association Conference & Event Management

Associations rely on their events, not only to provide a meeting place for existing and new members, but as an opportunity to generate revenue. AES's staff experience includes managing over 120 events for associations, from small meetings to international conferences. An event is more than a meeting - it must provide value to members, new knowledge or ideas, and create enough surplus to fund other activities. Read More >

Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Have you been recently appointed to run your business or association?
Are you an executive trying to deal with a number of issues and feel overwhelmed?
Are you a member of the Management Board and Committee and need support in your role?
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Financial Performance Review

Many Associations fall into a financial crisis due to misunderstanding the true financial position of the organisation. Associations and Not for Profit associations are especially vulnerable due to regular changes in the Board of Management or direction of the association. Read More >

Not For Profit Governance Support Package

AES provides a total governance support package for not for profit organisations. This includes:
Review of Constitution: We can provide a quick overview of your constitution to determine the level of compliance.
Development of Constitution: If your constitution is out of date or needs changing we can provide you with the resources and support to enable you to comply.
Access to direct governance legal advice through our legal advisor, John Crosby.
Workshop: Governance for Not For Profit Directors and How to Manage Your Board
Consulting Services, Board Management, Minute Taking and Agendas.
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Government Relationships Funding and Grant Assistance

Association Executive Services can assist your association to build relationships with State and Federal Governments.
We also can assist in your application process for government grants or subsidies.
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Membership Database support

Critical to any successful association is a reliable cost effective membership database. Before you contact the vendors call us. Read More >

Membership Development & Growth Consulting

AES has over 25 years experience in developing strategies to improve and grow your membership.
We specialise in developing a professional membership structure which includes professional status, professional development structure and accreditation of professional members.
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Merging, Winding Up, Restructure, New Association,

Need to merge, windup, change structure or start-up of new association? AES has the team of specialists that can help you through all that needs to be done to be successful. Our associates include barristers, psychologists and project managers - all experienced association and not for profit professionals who will be able to manage all your needs. These include:
1. Managing the change with the board/s.
2. Reviewing the old constitution and developing the new one.
3. Strategic Planning.
4. Managing staff and change, including career advice.
5. Development of new processes and procedures.
6. Transfer of assets to like-minded association.
7. Managing Extraordinary Meetings.
8. Communication with members.
9. Dealing with conflict.
Contact us for a discussion as to how we can help.
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NFP Events and Workshops

AES workshops and events present the latest knowledge and experience relating to all aspects of managing not for profit associations. Our presenters are some of the most experienced facilitators and practitioners in their field. Our workshops provide the opportunity to learn, understand and network. We also provide in-house training, if requested. Read More >

Publications Management

We provide support and assistance in managing all your publications, both electronic and print. Let AES manage your publications, including securing advertising, content, editing, graphic design and printing. Read More >

Sponsorship Services

We understand the implications of seeking sponsorship for your next event or association. We can provide a total service to assist in the securing of sponsorship and development of sponsorship relationships. Read More >