Association Membership Review, Promotion, Management and Development

Your membership is the heartbeat of your association. NFP executives know the importance of membership growth and retention, but understanding how to achieve these goals is often difficult.


Our Membership Management services team provide your association with strategies to both attract and retain members, by improving the services and products you offer. First and foremost, your association needs to provide value for membership fees.

If you aren’t delivering value, you’ve already lost the battle. We’ll also review your marketing approach, existing membership structure, as well as your membership database and the way you engage with your members. We can even assist with credentialing and membership certification services.


Membership Review Services

We will conduct a review of the existing system and identify how management would like to engage their current customers, stakeholders and future members. AES will work on reviewing existing reporting, procedures and data collection.  

We will then develop requirements documentation which will be provided to all interested vendors. This is important as vendors need to fully understand the needs of the organisation and develop their proposals accordingly. Other services include:

Assessing vendor proposals, contacting referee association leaders and providing a report to the board with recommendations.  Review preferred supplier contracts and ensuring they are in the interests of the association, as well as negotiating on your behalf.

Providing a full project management service for your association to develop membership attain and retain strategies.


Membership Growth and Development Services

Our membership growth and development services include:

  • Membership development workshops for board members 
  • Public Membership Development Workshop 
  • Review of membership fees 
  • Development of Member benefits 
  • Code of Practice for Industry and Professional Members 
  • Investigation Service to identify breach of member rules or Code of Practice
  • Develop a value-added solution to attract new, and retain existing, members
  • Marketing services to the association to attract new membership
  • Review existing membership structure


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