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Who advises AES?

Our not for profit and association management knowledge is second to none. All AES staff have gained extensive practical hands-on experience before joining our team. 

AES has a board of advisers that include some of the leaders in the world of associations, and particularly not for profit associations. They come from a broad range of backgrounds, which means our members will always have access to someone who knows exactly what they are talking about, and how to solve the issue at hand.

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What is an AES member?

AES members are not for profit organisations whose leaders want to access some of the latest thinking and support at a very cost effective method. Membership of AES means your association becomes part of the national network of associations supported by AES.

Membership is easy, all you have to do is fill in your details, pay the fee and register online. As soon as you are registered, you’ll have access to all the incredible benefits that AES has to offer.

We offer one membership for all sizes of associations. Plus, there’s the opportunity for organisations that need some extra help to pick and choose from a list of additional membership benefits.

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Does AES offer networking events?

Absolutely. Networking is essential for an association executive. Working for NFPs is a tough job, and dealing with limited resources and budgets is much easier when you can rely on your fellow executives, and strike up important partnerships.

We always try to combine learning and networking opportunities. We understand that time is always an issue, so by combing the two, we give your members the best value for effort.

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What Services Does AES Offer?

We offer a huge range of services to our members and clients, including:

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What hours does AES operate?

Members have access to our expert assistance during regular business hours. If our team can't assist you with your issue, we will pass you on to a member of our board of advisors who is best suited to your query. We endeavour to respond to out-of-business-hours enquiries whenever we can, and as promptly as possible.

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