The First Hundred Days as an Association Leader - Webinar

  • Are you a new Association Leader?

  • Or about to accept a role as the new Association President or CEO? 

  • Wanting to step up to become an Association CEO?

  • Maybe it is your first month in the job and you are thinking "How can I be successful?"


During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Tips on how to assess the performance of the association or NFP before you even apply for the job as CEO or President 
  • What you must understand about the organisation in the first 30 days 
  • Ideas to building relationships with the Board, Staff and Volunteers 
  • 60 days in - what can go wrong and how to recognise and survive the pitfalls
  • 100 days - what should have been achieved - Crunch Time  "Do I stay or do I go?"  

Our Presenter:  Nick Koerbin, Executive Director Association Executive Services (AES)

Described as one of the most experienced Association and NFP professionals in Australia, Nick Koerbin brings to Associations and Not-for-Profit organisations a wealth of knowledge formed by over 30 years as a CEO or Senior Manager in over eight large and small associations throughout Australia.

He started Association Executive Services (AES) in 2010 as the organisation that would help Associations grow and become sustainable. For the last twelve years, AES has grown to be the only full provider of services for Associations in Australia. These include Association Management and Secretariat Services, Member Contact Service, Consulting and Training. Nick is called upon constantly to help Association Leaders navigate their organisation towards high levels of business excellence. Nick has authored many books dealing with organisational change and is the primary author of the "Association Executives Toolkit", which is the go-to help book for Association Leaders seeking ideas to manage their association.


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Non-Member: $40.00

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