Unveiling the Traits of an Exceptional Association Board: key markers of high performance 

Association Boards play a critical role in the success and effectiveness of associations. Harmonious board dynamics are vital factors in high-performing associations. Recent research and trends highlight the importance of board functioning and highlight the need for specific changes. Our panel will share their experiences and ideas on how not-for-profit boards must change. 
 What you will learn:

  • The Uniqueness of Association Boards: Key Insights and Effective Management Strategies
  • Navigating Delinquency in Board Members: Addressing Challenges with Finesse
  • Mastering Board Roles: Becoming an Influential Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, or Board Member
  • Benchmarks of Excellence: Examining High-Performing Boards and Evaluating Your Board's Success
  • CEO Performance Management: Best Practices for Effective Oversight and Improvement

 Panel Speakers: 

Edna Coetzee

Edna is an experienced Governance Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services and not-for-profit sector and an AES Consultant working in the area of Board Governance as Board Secretary.  Edna has a unique role to participate and be part of an office bearer on a number of associations and not for profits and can provide an insight on how high performing boards operate.  

Edna has significant experience in governance and supporting Boards.

She has Coordinated eight consecutive AGMs, including notice to shareholders (with Integrated Report), the nomination of board members and the voting process.  Planned, established, and embedded a compliance function over three years.

Developed the governance and operational activities of a Nomination Committee (sub-committee) of the Board) by drafting the Charter, obtaining approval, and making recommendations on behalf of the business of suitable candidates for election to the Board.

Provided written and oral legal opinions regarding relevant statutes, rules, policies and corporate governance to Board and senior management.

Managed relationships with Regulators, Board members, Executive Management, and other key stakeholders. Built and maintained relationships with service providers during and after contract negotiation.

Masters in Law - University of Pretoria

LLB Degree – University of South Africa

Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional of the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI).

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan is the President of the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia.

Mark has been the driving force of change of the Dry Cleaning Institute and as President he has recently been involved in guiding the national board in changing  the DIA Constitution to ensure the DIA is a vibrant growing organisation 

He is a fourth-generation drycleaner and has worked in and around the family business R & R Drycleaners out of Goulburn since he could walk. His 40-year career has led him to serve on the industry association board for 30 of those years. His grandfather, father and 2 uncles were all industry presidents. Mark grew up in Queanbeyan, lives in Canberra and is a family man at heart. Spending time with his wife and two sons is important and his interests include reading, cooking, rugby and 4WD getaways in the great outdoors.      

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