Technology Landscape in Australian Associations: current systems, website and CRM evaluation, future plans, addressing concerns and harnessing AI advancements. 

In this session we will cover:  

  1. Discover what are the  Latest  Technology Empowering Australian Associations!  How effective are the platforms being used  Associations in Australia   
  2.  How  AI will be used in future Association Management Systems -  AI:  Get Ready to Witness a Paradigm Shift in Association Management Systems with AI!
  3. Keeping your member data safe in the Digital Battlefield: Unraveling Cyberattack Vulnerabilities and Defence Strategies! Safeguard Your Association from Cyber Threats 
  4. Navigating IT Platform Transitions: Your First Steps Towards upgrading and moving to a new website and CRM How to make the transition to a New IT Platform 


Greg Hill - AES IT Consultant 

Associations rely on their Association Management Systems to deliver services to their members.  AES  has been at the forefront of understanding how Association leaders are using current technology through our annual survey of 100's of association leaders throughout Australia.  

Our speaker Greg Hill is the IT team leader for AES and has close to 25 years’ experience within the Business Technology sector, Greg has worked across a wide range of industries such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics, Retail and Higher Education. Greg has deep experience in business applications found throughout organisations, including core ERP and supporting operational solutions.

With his working experience, and his background in earlier Finance roles, Greg has often been tasked with working with Business Executives to help deliver their strategies through the use and optimisation of Business Systems and Applications, and finds the opportunities that Businesses currently face with transforming to cloud based platforms, including the benefits that automation tools can offer them, of significant interest in his career. 

Greg is a regular contributor and presenter within the IT community at some of the major user groups around Australia and New Zealand and also delivers industry-based lectures to Higher Education Students, by presenting the lessons he learned whilst working in businesses that were on the leading edge of cloud technologies.

Not only is Greg passionate about emerging IT technology’s that are available to businesses today, he also focuses on the ‘human’ side of these expansive transformational programmes, along with the ever-increasing challenge of improving adoption and the overall user experience.


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