Brendan Tohill

Brendan Tohill has over 25 years senior management experience with companies such as Myer, Mayne Nickless, and Pacific Brands just to name a few and has an Associate Diploma in Management from the (ACU) Australian Catholic University.

Brendan’s connection into Government federally and in each state is second to none. His advocacy for newsagents during the once in one hundred year COVID19 pandemic was a testament to that as he lobbied incredibly successfully with the State Government of Victoria to keep newsagents open as an essential service. During this time newsagents served and connected with our local communities in the toughest of tough times.

Brendan has made a major positive impact to our industry at all levels. Sick of the industry being disrupted, Brendan has led the way to disrupt others and the industry getting on the front foot with initiatives such as the Digital Newsletter, Amazon Hub national program and How to Improve Your Income Workshops. His connection into social media continues to give the industry a breath of fresh air, relevance, and currency. 40,000 followers on Instagram is proof of that, sharing our great stories about our hard-working newsagents in our community. His one industry vision and talking the retailers and pillars up, is bringing the industry back to the forefront of our thinking.

Known as one of the most successful and powerful NFP CEOs in Australia, Brendan Tohill is respected and revered by his peers. His vision of improved income, reduced costs, and increased foot traffic for newsagents across Australia has been the cornerstone of his success -
he understands small business in 2023.

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