How Collaboration Can Influence Government Policy and Decisions: The Construction Industry Story  

  • Tristan Moseley (Executive Director – Legal & General Governance and Training Master Builders Victoria)
  • Michael Paynter (Principal Consultant, Peregrine Industrial)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the constantly changing Government policies seriously impacted several industries, particularly the Construction industry. In this presentation we will hear how—for the first the first time—the major players in the Construction industry came together to ensure the future prosperity of the industry. Delegates will learn how the traditional foes of employer associations and unions collaborated for real change. You’ll understand how this came about, the lessons learnt, and how all associations can develop a more collaborative model. 

This panel will be highly interactive, with plenty of time for delegates to share their stories of collaboration, particularly in dealing with the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Tristan Moseley, Executive Director of Legal, Governance & Training, Master Builders Victoria

Tristan is the Executive Director of Legal, Governance & Training at Master Builders Victoria. As the Executive Director with oversight of the Master Builders Training Institute (an Industry RTO), he is responsible for ensuring that the industry is provided with the highest quality and most innovative education and training through industry, government and community engagement and course development and delivery by current industry experts. Further to this, in his additional roles at MBV as Chief Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, he provides expert advice, guidance and direction to the CEO, Board and Council of Management on effective governance policies and practices, and has oversight over legal advice both internally as part of the in-house function and externally to members through the member legal advice service. Before joining Master Builders Victoria in 2015, Tristan practised law at top tier law firms specialising in construction, resources and financial dispute litigation.

Michael Paynter, Principal Consultant, Peregrine Industrial

As Peregrine Industrial’s legal advisor, Michael is qualified in law and economics and has over 30 years practical experience in industry and Industrial Advocacy. He is renowned for his excellent legal and interpretative skills on a range of industrial relations, workplace and human resource issues. His proven ability to communicate and perform in a senior management role within large companies, senior trade union, government and industry representatives and associations gives Peregrine its competitive advantage.


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