Using AI to Market Your Products and Services to Your Members – Cutting through the Bull

It's no secret that the power of AI is becoming a vital tool for organisations from all walks of life. Now is the time to learn how to harness the power of AI tools when it comes to marketing your organisation. 

We are cutting through the buzz and talking about all the important and practical details you need to know when working with AI and marketing to your members. 

In this session we will look at the best-fit tools for a range of marketing activities. We will explore the things you need to know to get the most out of them, as well as any “gotcha” moments. 

Some of the hot topics we will cover:

  • The state of AI currently
  • A range of best-fit AI tools and how they can help you to do more – or better to market to your membership
  • How to foster good prompt writing skills

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday 13 June
  • Time: 12 noon to 1.00pm
  • Venue: Online via Zoom 
  • Cost: 
    • AES Members: FREE
    • Non-Members: $50


About the Presenters 

Kirri Romero, Lead Digital Strategist and Principal Consultant, The Online Fix
With over two decades of immersion in the digital realm, Kirri boasts a wealth of experience spanning diverse sectors including finance, education, food, fashion, and health. Renowned as a top-tier mentor and facilitator for prestigious programs like ASBAS and the Business Resilience Program, she has also cultivated her own extensive mentoring clientele. Over the past two years alone, Kirri has empowered more than 300 businesses with bespoke digital marketing strategies and solutions.

Her expertise traces back to the foundational years of elevating AustralianSuper's digital footprint, a journey that now extends into her own multichannel marketing consultancy catering to various professional service entities. Grounded in real-time experience gleaned from active industry involvement, Kirri's approach is inherently dynamic, constantly attuned to the shifting landscape of digital trends. Her profound understanding of the online milieu, honed through years of hands-on engagement, enables her to adeptly guide clients through the ever-evolving digital terrain, ensuring they seize every opportunity for growth.

Nick Koerbin, Executive Director, AES
With over 30 years of management expertise, Executive Director and Founder of AES, Nick Koerbin is one of the most experienced NFP leaders in Australia. He has held positions as the CEO of Materials Australia, the National Parts Code, as well as senior positions in the Institute of Insurance, Australian Quality Council, the Financial Planning Association, the Australian Human Resources Institute, and the Furniture Industry Association of Australia. Nick created AES with a vision of creating a set of management practices that could be consistently followed to ensure success. Over his 30 years in the industry, he noticed that inconsistent management practices often impeded delivery of services to members, which in turn created issues with membership renewal. By establishing AES and creating the NFP Association Best Practice Self-Assessment, Nick has been able to assist leaders in becoming more confident and informed decision makers so that they can create more effective strategies and implementation plans.