To become a member please complete the offline APPLICATION FORM and send it to our office info@associationexecutiveservices.com.au or join online below for payment by credit card. 
(Please note: the person applying for membership on behalf of the association must be the CEO, President, Office Bearer, or person reporting directly to the Board or Governing Committee. Membership is for a not for profit organisation only) 

Benefits of AES Membership

Please note we are constantly updating our benefits and services; for the lastest list click here

Wherever you are on the journey towards best practice for your association, our membership offering will accelerate your progress; here are the major benefits for organisations.



The most valued benefit for any association is accessing the AES Best Practice Self Assessment tool online. The Association AES Best Practice Self Assessment which is an online self-assessment covering the 10 areas of Best Practice in Association Management. Association leaders on completing this self-assessment will instantly receive their results and be able to compare their organisation against the 10 areas of Association Best Practice.  

Other Benefits include:

Constitution Review

Your Constitution is the set of rules that must be followed and complied with by your governing Board, Committee, and members. Is your constitution old and outdated? Does it need to be changed or updated? All AES member associations can take advantage of a review of their constitution by our AES legal advisors. 


The Association & Not For Profit Help line

The AES team includes some of the most experienced association people in Australia. Having problems and need some advice? Contact our office anytime during business hours to discuss any matter relating to the management of your association. On the rare occasion that our in-house team cannot assist, we will refer you to our AES advisors. 


Access to the Annual AES Best Practice Association Benchmarking Management Report

Want to know how well your not for profit or association is performing compared to over 400 associations in Australia? Want to know which area to improve to ensure your association remains sustainable? 

AES membership provides you with the opportunity to compare your organisation in a range of areas, from Governance, Leadership and Strategic Planning to Finance and Membership. This is the most comprehensive benchmarking report relating to association and not for profit performance in Australia. All AES members can access this report online and at no cost.


Special Networking and New Knowledge Events and Activities

Our members can attend exclusive AES events which focus on accessing new knowledge relating to all aspects of association management. AES also runs public workshops on a variety of subjects relating to association management. 


Association Management Videos and Webinars 

All members have access to the latest workshop videos and recorded webinars on all matters related to association and not for profit management. These workshops have been recorded by some of the most experienced experts in the not for profit sector.


AES Association News

Each month, we distribute a news email covering some of the latest topics, from social media to governance. AES members not only receive the latest news delivered straight to their inbox, but can also access over 300 archived articles online. 


Member Contact Service

Our Member Contact Service team can call and engage with your members, to help secure and grow your membership base.  The skilled team at AES can also chase up those members who have not renewed, contact past members and cold call prospects.  By designing and implementing a campaign, our Member Contact Service team can also help to boost attendee numbers at your next event by reaching out and contacting your members, and others who should attend your event. 


Membership Growth and Retention Review

Struggling to recruit new members and retain existing members? AES will provide a review of your current membership offerings and strategies to grow and retain your existing members. This review will be in the form of a written and verbal consultation.  


Website Assessment 

Want to know how your website compares to others or what needs to be improved? AES provides members a free website assessment, including website functionality and provides an overview of what elements are working well and what needs to be fixed. 

Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership is for organisations not individuals. All staff and Board members can access all AES member services. Presentations and advice is limited to one Free 1 hour per annum. Does not include the cost of travel and accomodation. Key representative for the organisation must be the CEO, President, Office Bearer or person reporting to the governing body or council of a not for profit organisation.  

Membership Fees

Membership fees are annual $750 per annum and includes all staff and board members. AES conforms to the Australian Consumer Law and Privacy Act 1988.  AES has the right to change any of the benefits as required.

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