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Our services cover the key areas in not-for-profit organisations and association management, helping board members and executives feel supported in all aspects of their role and responsibilities.

AES offers a range of services designed to support executives. Our services furnish leaders with essential best practice methods of operation that enable a NFP to flourish. This is achieved by providing opportunities for education and development, which are delivered by our expert advisors. Our educational and development team are noted for their ability to identify areas that require improvement and to develop programs to implement this improvement.

AES Services

AES offers a range of services designed to support NFP executives.

Conferenceand EventManagement Conference andEvent Management We bring to our clients a total package that includes strategies for generating revenue, through to building longer-term partnerships and membership engagement strategies before and after the conference or meeting. Learn More WebsiteAdvice andDevelopment We will review your current website and social media platforms, and suggest improvements. We can also assist you in developing and managing a new website. Learn More Website Adviceand Development MembershipServices MembershipServices Learn More Membership is the heartbeat of your association. We all know the importance of membership growth and retention, but often we don't have the time or resources to contact our members or those who should join. Board andGovernanceServices Board andGovernance Services Our services can extend from providing a review of your association’s constitution to developing a new constitution, to giving consultations on board management, agenda and minute taking and even dealing with conflict and creating a board code of ethics. Learn More SecretariatServices SecretariatServices Your association simply cannot prosper without an efficient administration service; add one to your NFP or optimise your current system and watch all aspects of your activities improve. Learn More StrategicPlanning StrategicPlanning Learn More Strategic planning is crucial to any association or not-for-profit organisation. Our service will illustrate the importance of your plan and its implementation. NFP Consulting Services NFP ConsultingServices Association Executive Services (AES) provides total support services to the not-for-profit (NFP) industry. We help associations and NFP organisations remain relevant and grow, so to ensure that they are sustainable and prosperous long-term. Learn More
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Association Executive Services (AES) solves the problems that many not-for-profit organisations face, by drawing on the experience of expert staff and a team of specialists, advisors and consultants.


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