Association Review or Audit

Our approach involves identifying the organisation's strengths and weaknesses and working with your board or staff to create a new organisation which can be benchmarked against the world's best.

Association slowing down needs to change? We are here to help.

Managing the changing culture of an association or NFP can be very complex and requires a broad set of professional leadership skills.

The AES consultancy team have extensive experience in developing the managerial and professional skills of executive teams and staff, designing and implementing a program of change.

Our review and audit program is the perfect way to recharge your association. Our skilled team will look at every aspect, from the constitution, to board governance, finance, marketing and membership engagement to ensure you are performing to best practice standards.

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AES developed the Not-For-Profit Association Best Practice Self Assessment tool to address the lack of benchmarking criteria available to NFP sector associations. Putting your association through this self assessment will be a crucial aspect of our audit and review, as it is the best way to see how your organisation performs in crucial criteria.

The tool draws on the Baldridge criteria, as well as the Australian Business Excellence Awards. The former being the internationally recognised measure of excellence in the private sector for business. The diagnostic tool was then tested over a two-year period by some of the most respected leaders in the NFP-sector.

By answering 66 questions across ten performance areas, ranging from strategic planning and governance to financial performance and leadership, you will gain an immediate understanding of how your association performs compared to the benchmark scores of other associations across the ten areas.

Following our audit and inspection, we will also be on hand to help implement any changes that are deemed necessary. We can even provide you with some of our other services, such as our strategic planning and development, board governance and training support or full administration and secretariat offerings.

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