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Positive change starts at the top, and that’s why we place such an emphasis on getting aspects of governance right.

AES Board and Executive Support Package

AES also provides the option of a Board and Executive Support Package provided by Nick Koerbin or other experienced Association Executives. This package is suited to volunteer Boards who need advice and support from skilled NFP consultants who are able to assist and advise Boards on all aspects of managing an association.
This four-month package includes:

•  Introduction to the latest Governance updates presentation (up to one hour)

•  Attend Board Meetings in a coaching and advisory role

•  Provide support to Office Bearers via email, Zoom, or phone (unlimited) 

•  e-copy of the Association Executives Toolkit 2021 Edition

•  Access and introduction to a network of association leaders who represent association professionals and Board members throughout Australia, facilitated by AES.   

AES Association Business Health Check 

AES can conduct an Association Business Health Check using the AES Best Practice Self-Assessment Survey. This survey is to be completed by all Board members and covers 10 critical areas of NFP best practice. This service includes the following:

•  Self-Assessment Survey completed by all Board Members

•  Comparison against 600 similar NFP organisations within Australia

•  Results of the survey will be collated by AES

• A comprehensive report to be presented to your Board outlining overall results, areas of business excellence and opportunities for development and improvement


General Board Consulting Services

  • Governance Induction for Not-for-Profit Directors: This presentation is essential for both existing board members and new directors.
  • Review of Constitution: The constitution of an association is central to the way in which a board governs. By reviewing the constitution, we can see if any aspects are making the board's job difficult, and suggest improvements that will make it easier.
  • New Constitution: If your association doesn’t have a constitution, it needs one. Constitutions allow for consistent governance, which is essential in creating an association that your members will have faith in.
  • Access to NFP legal advice: Running an association is an enormous undertaking, especially when matters of legality are raised. With a legal advisor on hand, you can navigate any issues safely.  
  • Workshop: Governance Induction for Not-for-Profit Directors: This workshop is essential for both board members and directors.      
  • Consulting Board Consulting Service: Interim Chair, Advice 
  • Induction Manual for Directors: Directors come and go, and its essential you have an induction manual on hand that you can turn to so there are as few teething problems as possible during the changeover.  Purchase the Association Executives Tool Kit 
  • Project Managing: Creating projects is one thing, fulfilling them is another. Get our expert advisors to assist.
  • Mergers: Mergers can be tricky and painful. We’ll make sure everyone is looked after, so the merger can be completed as soon as possible.
  • Winding Up: Members dropping, no longer sustainable - talk to us about winding up your association
  • Board Development: Creating a good board culture is imperative in any association. We can provide you with the procedures and policies you need to develop a board culture that will steer your association in the right direction.   
  • Dealing with Conflict and Board Ethics: If your association can't deal with conflict, or operate ethically, it will fail. You need written regulations to ensure conflict, and ethical matters can be dealt with in a timely and just manner.


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