Other Non-Profit Consulting Services

AES seeks to build long-term relationships with individuals and organisations, providing a comprehensive range of services that ensure associations are successful and have a viable future. 


Just some of our other services include:

  • Managing the merging or winding up of associations: We can provide you with legal advisors, project managers and other experienced NFP association leaders to guide you through this challenging process.
  • Cultural reviews of associations: Culture is integral to your association, and a bad culture can make reaching your core ambitions impossible. We can provide you with an expert psychologist to analyse your current culture and make suggestions on how you can improve it.
  • Grant assistance: So many NFP associations rely on grants, and they aren’t easy to come by. We can give you the tools to improve your bidding process and attract more grants from both government and private levels.
  • Publication management: We offer support from concept, to design, print and even dissemination.
  • Sponsorship development: We can assist in creating a strategic plan that will allow you to identify and secure sponsorship. 
  • Association restructuring: We give you the tools you need to ensure your restructure improves your association, instead of taking it backwards.
  • Engaging state-based branches and committees: Keeping state branches and committees on the same page can be tricky. Our experienced advisors will ensure all your chapters are moving towards the same goal so that the entire association can prosper. 
  • In-house workshops: Our workshops are valuable tools and fulfil our goal to provide continuing education to our members and clients.  Webinars: If you can’t attend a workshop, make sure you stay tuned and make the most of our webinars.
  • Networking events: Networking is an essential part of running an NFP-sector association. We provide events throughout the year where our members and clients can come together to share knowledge, create partnerships and assist each other in meeting their objectives.


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