Association & NFP Strategic Planning and Development

Without strategic planning and development, your association or NFP is essentially directionless. Our service helps you to find your direction and take the next step.


Our services in Strategic Planning and Development revolve around four critical questions:

  • Do you have a strategic plan?
  • Is it being used or referred to by the Committee or Board during Board meetings?
  • How are management, staff and the board implementing your strategic plan?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of the strategic plan?

Strategic planning is crucial to any association or not for profit organisation. Our service will illustrate the importance of your plan and its implementation. We go beyond merely planning and developing your strategies, we assist you in implementing these strategies, by working with key stakeholders and staff to ensure an association-wide buy-in.


Our Strategic planning program includes the following;

  1. Review of the existing strategic plan: By reviewing any existing plans, we get an idea of your central goals and how the current plan is working and achieving the overall intent. Sometimes there is no plan so we start from the beginning and help build your strategic plan and/or business plan
  2. Benchmark the strength of your strategic plan with 600 Associations in Australia
    We have access to some of the latest thinking in stratgeic planning for NFP's in Australia. We have been collecting data on the effectiveness of strategic planning for over 10 years. We know what works and we bring this knowledge to your project. 
  3. Interviews of key staff and board/council members: No matter how good a strategic plan is, it cannot succeed without complete buy-in from key staff and the board members. This stage is imperative in ensuring that everyone is on the same page and prepared to back the plan.
  4. Facilitation of workshop with board/council and key staff: If your association has never worked off a strategic plan, a workshop will be essential in teaching key staff members about how to formulate and implement one.
  5. Development of draft strategic plan: This stage will be collaborative. Your input will be essential in creating a strategic plan that can be actioned, financed and achieve your goals.
  6. Assistance and advice on the use of the strategic plan: A strategic plan is just a piece of paper until it is actioned. Doing so can be far more difficult than you think, and we provide you with the tools you need to make your vision a reality.
  7. Review of the use of the strategic plan in board meetings: So many strategic plans end up being forgotten about because they aren’t brought up during board meetings. The strategic plan needs to be a central talking point of every board meeting, and we can show you how to do that.
  8. 12 Month Review  - Members Only



Some of  the clients who have used our strategic planning services

  • Australian & New Zealand Burns Association 
  • Audiology Australia 
  • Australian Deer Association
  • Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
  • Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand
  • Crimestoppers Victoria
  • Driver Trainers Association of Australia (Victoria)
  • Civil Contractors Federation (Victoria)
  • Master Painters Association ( National Body) 
  • Master Painters Association ( NSW & ACT)
  • Master Painters Association (QLD)
  • National Association of Gambling Studies
  • Whitsunday Counselling & Support Inc  


Need More Information - We can send you samples of some of the strategic plans we have produced you will see the difference.

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