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Complete these 10 Questions to appraise how good your governance is compared to 500 associations across Australia and New Zealand. After you have completed the questionnaire and agreed to our terms and conditions submit your result to receive a check-up. 

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Step 2: Questionnaire

1. Governance: A formal induction process on the duties and responsibilities for all directors and appointed office bearers are in place
2. Strategic Planning: An organisation strategic (and/or business plan) is in place
3. Leadership: Measures of effectiveness and mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of the leadership of the organisation are in place
4. Management Systems and Processes: Documentation of all actual work procedures within the association is in place
5. People: Documented job descriptions for all positions within the organisation are in place
6. Committee and Volunteers: An Induction process for all committees and volunteers outlining their roles and responsibilities is in place
7. Finance: Sufficient surpluses to support ongoing development activities are in place
8. Risk Management: An independent risk management committee that reports to the board is in place
9. Member / Clients: Evidence that our membership/stakeholder engagement is growing is in place
10. Information Technology: A reliable membership database is in place