Did you get the Association CEO job?

Did you get the Association CEO job?

By Nick Koerbin

Congratulations if you have been appointed as the new CEO of an Association or not-for-profit Organisation.

As an association leader, I have had the opportunity to be appointed to this role several times, and I am happy to share a few lessons learned during this early time to help you succeed in your new role.

Here are some actions I made in the first four months that have worked for me.

😎 One of the first crucial steps I recommend is scheduling individual meetings with all staff, including contractors. This is an opportunity to understand their roles, appreciate their contributions, assess the existing systems, and identify any areas of concern or frustration.

😎 Meet with the President to discuss the Board's objectives and how you can assist the President in managing the board's day-to-day challenges.

😎 Determine if the Board has an active strategic plan that is being used during its meetings. If not, start developing a strategy to introduce the strategic planning process to the Board.

😎 Find out who in the membership or others that influences the sector or association. Meet with them and ask them how the association could improve. You may find that no one has listened to them in the past, and they may have important information to share.

😎 Identify critical sponsors and stakeholders and schedule a meeting by introducing yourself and identifying their needs.

😎 As the newly appointed CEO, your role in this process is crucial. Your decisions will directly impact the organisation's success, demonstrating the value and organisation of your position.

😎 You must dedicate the first four months to truly understanding the organisation. This includes meeting with key staff, building a strong relationship with the President, and, most importantly, allowing members, volunteers, and staff to share their organisation's understanding. It will help you make informed decisions and build stronger organisational relationships.