How to develop a robust and enthusiastic Association Board

How to develop a robust and enthusiastic Association Board

By Nick Koerbin

According to the latest figures from the ATO, there are 660,000 not-for-profit organisations in Australia, including registered charities, incorporated associations, and other entities.

The not-for-profit sector employs over 2 million people, and most organisations are governed by volunteer boards. Their success relies on the skills, knowledge, and experience of the appointed board or committee members.

Your dedication and effort are commendable if you volunteer on the Board or Committee of a not-for-profit organisation. We understand the significant time and commitment these roles require.

The key to the success of these boards lies in fostering robust discussions and collaboration among Board members to reach strategic decisions and policies. Here are some of my ideas to ensure a harmonious and productive Board:

😎 Provide a comprehensive induction process for all new Board members to ensure their understanding of the constitution, bylaws, and policies.

😎 Communicate the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of Board members.

😎Encourage professional behaviour, particularly during Board meetings.

😎Ensure all Board members are aligned with the organisation's Vision and Mission and are actively working towards its goals and objectives.

😎Establish a process for rewarding or recognising board members for their dedicated service. This could range from life membership to a simple certificate thanking the Board member for their time and commitment.

Following these essential guidelines will help develop a forward-thinking and harmonious board.