It’s Time to Stand Out

It’s Time to Stand Out

Humans have survived and evolved by blending in. As a species, we didn’t go to the edge of the forest and yell at the wild beasts on the savannah. We learnt to hide, to be inconspicuous. We learnt not to be different because standing out meant death.

For brands and leaders, the rules are different. Being brave enough to stand up and stand out is rewarded.

Few brands stand out because the deeply ingrained thinking and behaviour is to look like you belong in your business category. For this reason, most industries become a homogeneous wash of similar brands, unconsciously trying to look like each other. That’s why real estate agents all look the same. Accountants look the same. Butchers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers ... you get the idea. Same, same, same.

But when a sugary carbonated drink appeared that didn’t look or act like all the other players in the category, we all took notice. The product tastes like medicine, is packaged in a small medicinal sized can and has apparent magic medicinal qualities that gives you wings – the young, and young at heart, went gaga for Red Bull.

A lesson in truth, story and experience for all of us.

Don’t compromise your chutzpah. When you do, you dilute your potency, your difference, and your story’s potential to deliver the feelings and emotions your audience seeks.

This is a short extract from the book Your Amazing Brand Story by Tim Wood. Over the next few months AES will be publishing several longer extracts.  Tim is brand consultant and director of Fit Brand and Partnerships. We publish these extracts with Tim’s permission.

About the Author: Tim Wood (Partner, Fit Brand & Partnerships)

Tim is a former marketing executive at some of the world’s best storytelling brands including Nike and McDonald’s. Many of the marketing campaigns Tim led have been recognised globally. Since 2015, Tim has been a partner in the brand and story agency, Fit Brand & Partnerships. Through his works as a consultant, coach and speaker he helps leaders and brands tell better stories. He is the author of the new book Your Amazing Brand Story, a guide for SME’s to help more people and make more money.

Before entering the world of marketing, Tim trained at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) then worked telling stories on stage as a writer and performer, then later in advertising as a copywriter.

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