Unlocking the Hidden Asset - Retirees can Transform your Association

Unlocking the Hidden Asset - Retirees can Transform your Association

By Nick Koerbin

In Australia, the aging population is not just a statistic but a significant shift that professional and industry-based associations must address. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that over 4.2 million Australians are retirees, and in 2023 alone, 145,000 individuals retired at an average age of 65.

However, within this challenge lies a hidden asset many associations overlook: their retired members' accumulated knowledge and experience. While many associations accommodate retiree members, only some fully tap into the wealth of expertise these individuals offer. Here are some ideas for engaging retired members.

👩‍🎓 Mentorship Programs: Bridging Generations
Consider the unique value of pairing a seasoned professional with a young, aspiring member. Retired members possess a wealth of real-world experience that can guide, inspire, and navigate the industry's complexities.

💡 Content Creation: Leveraging Experience for Publications
Retirees can be a transformative resource for your association's publications. Whether they contribute by writing relevant articles, sharing industry trends, or editing newsletters, their involvement can elevate the quality and relevance of your content. By tapping into their wealth of experience, you ensure that your publications reflect a depth of understanding that can resonate with your audience.

🧐 Advocacy and Representation: Continuing the Legacy
Retirees with a history of advocacy or representing the association on government standards committees can continue to play a pivotal role. Their expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes and established connections can significantly bolster your association's efforts to influence policy and standards, potentially leading to positive changes in the industry.

🙋‍♂️ Volunteering: Time and Energy Well Spent
One of the most significant advantages of engaging retirees is their availability and enthusiasm. Many retirees have the time and energy to commit to various tasks, from organising events to leading special projects. They often volunteer because they enjoy the work and want to give back to their industry.

🎖 Foster a Culture of Gratitude
Acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of retired members is essential. Providing certificates of appreciation and publicly recognising their efforts can foster a culture of gratitude and encourage ongoing participation. This recognition honours their contributions and inspires others.

Now, it is time to Embrace this Hidden Asset. 🕛
Retired members are a valuable, yet often underutilised, asset for any association. By engaging these experienced professionals, associations can enhance their offerings, bridge generational gaps, and maintain a rich repository of knowledge and expertise.