What is next for your Association

What is next for your Association

By Nick Koerbin

Have we completed our Annual General Meeting?
Have we inducted our new Board members?   So what is next?

Heading into a new financial/year, the Board should now be scheduling some time to review your strategic plan?

As an association leader, you probably have a strategic plan for your organisation. But have you fully articulated why this plan is important? And have you done all of the necessary work to properly develop one?

A comprehensive strategic plan is key to your association’s ability to thrive and grow in a competitive, complex landscape. A strategic plan's purpose is to create an association's direction. Without this sense of direction, it is easy for an association to fall into the trap of simply moving from one “priority” task to the next, without any sense of how this activity is contributing to a greater goal.

There are four key reasons why a strategic plan is vital for an association.

1.     Outlines a roadmap towards success. No business can achieve great things without having a plan in place to reach these outcomes.
2.     Adds clarity and focus. It assists in ensuring that you target key actions and priorities, without getting distracted by other things.
3.     Builds awareness of strengths and weaknesses. Taking the time to consider what has worked well before, and what hasn’t, is important for any organisation.
4.     Creates a sense of purpose and unity. It shows everyone – from the President to the volunteers – what you are striving for and the role that each individual can play.