Mersine Dandas

 DIRECTOR - Operations and Business Development

Mersine has a career spanning 20 years in the not-for-profit (NFP) and association sector, with a focus on national-level roles and responsibilities. Her experiences and roles include:

  1. National Membership Manager at the Australian Retailers Association: In this role, Mersine was entrusted with managing the membership of the association on a national scale. Her expertise in member engagement allowed her to cater to the needs of members effectively.
  2. Emergency Roadside Assistance Team Manager at RACV: Mersine's role as a Team Manager at RACV involved overseeing the emergency roadside assistance team for over  3 Million members. . Her leadership skills were put to use in ensuring the smooth operations of the team and providing prompt assistance to members in need.
  3. Area Manager at Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce: As an Area Manager, Mersine held a significant responsibility of supervising and supporting over 500 automotive businesse members  in the Victoria region. Her experience in association management enabled her to provide valuable guidance and resources to these businesses.
  4. Retail Sector Experience at Frontline Buying Group: Mersine's diverse experience also includes working in the retail sector for the Frontline Buying Group. As an NFP association representing small retail businesses across Australia, her role likely involved enhancing member engagement and support for these businesses.
  5. National Level Expertise and Member Engagement Skills: Throughout her career, Mersine has developed a deep understanding of working at a national level in the association sector. Her proficiency in member engagement has proven vital in ensuring members' satisfaction and fostering strong relationships within associations.
  6. Leadership and Oversight at Association Executive Services: In her current position, Mersine is at the helm of Association Executive Services, taking charge of all its operations. This includes overseeing various aspects such as secretariat services, member contact service, conference and events management, marketing, and business development.

Overall, Mersine's extensive experience in the NFP and association sector, combined with her exceptional skills in member engagement and association management, make her a valuable asset in leading and managing Association Executive Services effectively. Her background demonstrates a deep commitment to the success of associations and the satisfaction of their members.




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