Non-Profit and Association Marketing and Branding

If you’re still relying on printed collateral or word-of-mouth to spread interest in your association, you’re missing out on a massive slice of the market.


NFP’s need effective marketing campaigns and sound branding to attract members, sponsors and collaborators.

Our advisory team have extensive experience in marketing and branding, and we can assist in creating a healthy real-world and online presence that will increase your reach and solidify your reputation.

Our marketing strategies include social media, e-marketing campaigns and publications, which will support your brand strategy. We also provided sponsorship services which include securing long-term partnerships with suppliers.


Our Marketing Strategies

  • Social Media: Without a social media presence, you will fail to connect with existing and prospective members. People spend so much of their lives on social media, and it has become so much more than a way to talk to friends and family, it has become a source of information and a way for people to decide how they spend their money. We can create a presence that will connect with your membership base.
  • E-Marketing Campaigns: If your membership base isn't on social media, you will be able to reach them with our tailored e-marketing campaigns. E-marketing is an incredibly useful way to increase your standing amongst your membership base by becoming a source of information they can easily access via their inbox.
  • Publications: Publications have to be professional if they are going to garner your association with the legitimacy it needs. We provide support and assistance in managing all your publications, both electronic and print. We can even secure advertising, content, editing, graphic design and printing services.

We can also provide project management for ongoing marketing campaigns, and ensure they stay on budget and on strategy, so you get the most for your marketing spend.


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