Interim CEO and Project Management

For various reasons, CEO's come and go, and associations can be left rudderless while they wait to appoint a new executive officer. This time can be tricky, as the focus is switched to survival rather than implementing growth strategies and completing projects.


As part of our broader support service, we can supply you with an interim CEO, so your association doesn't have to take a step backwards during the hiring process. We have a large team of advisers that have filled executive roles in a variety of NFP's, so you can be assured of a quality executive that will not only fill the position but help you to succeed.


Our CEO Services

We can provide you with an experienced, dedicated CEO whenever you need one. For example, if:

  • Your CEO has resigned and you need someone to manage the organisation while you recruit another
  • You need a short-term CEO to deal with change issues
  • You can't afford a full-time CEO but would like a CEO or Executive Officer to drive strategies on a part-time basis
  • Your association requires an experienced association executive to work on a major change project for the association.

We understand that budget is always a factor in any decision related to an NFP-sector association. To combat this, we offer flexible pricing solutions, and we can always tailor the contract to suit your needs.

The ability to have an experienced CEO on hand to manage projects when required is especially useful for associations dealing with limited resources. You don’t have to come up with a full-time wage, and instead, you just have to pay them for their time.

This allows you to benefit from one of our experienced CEO's to oversee board changeover issue, a major initiative like a merger or organising government funding.


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