Association and Non-Profit Policies and Procedures Development

To ensure you're providing a quality service to your members and clients you need an extensive set of policies, procedures and systems that are repeatable and all-encompassing.

Best practice policies, procedures and systems are the scaffolding of any NFP or association. Our service will review your current Quality Manual, to check on your current protocol and match it up with best practice. We will then assist you in drafting a set of policies, procedures and systems that will create the consistency in product delivery your association needs to succeed.

Our services will ensure you have the written documentation you need to create an NFP association that can run efficiently and be sustainable.

  • Review: We will take a look at your current policies, procedures and systems and make sure that they are appropriately documented. Without proper documentation, your systems are worthless. The review will also take into account relevant factors like responsibilities and roles.
  • Draft: After the review, we will draft a new set of policies, procedures and systems with input from key personnel. We may also edit or tweak any current documentation. The draft process is essential in getting everyone to sign-off and commit to enacting what is included in the documents.
  • Implement: Implementing policies, procedures and systems requires collaboration between the board, executive, staff and members. This large-scale collaboration can be difficult, so we’ll be on hand to use our experience to guide and coordinate your association’s efforts and ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and roles in the process.
  • Monitor: We will keep in contact to check on the rollout, and ensure that the policies, procedures and systems continue to form the basis of the association’s activities. Without attention, the documents can quickly be forgotten, and all the inconsistencies will return.

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