The AES staff are experienced and highly skilled professionals from the not-for-profit sector. Our team combined have worked in all types of industry and professional associations and with their knowledge and experience can make a difference to your organisation.

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Executive Director

With over 30 years of management expertise, Executive Director and Founder of AES, Nick Koerbin is one of the most experienced NFP leaders in Australia. He has held positions as the CEO of Materials Australia, the National Parts Code, Master Painters Australia Ltd, as well as General Manager positions in the Institute of InsuranceAustralian Quality Council, the Financial Planning Association, the Australian Human Resources Institute, and the Furniture Industry Association of Australia.  

Nick created AES with a vision of creating a set of management practices that could be consistently followed to ensure success. Over his 30 years in the industry, he noticed that inconsistent management practices often impeded delivery of services to members, which in turn created issues with membership renewal.

By establishing AES and creating the NFP Association Best Practice Self-Assessment, Nick has been able to assist leaders in becoming more confident and informed decision makers so that they can create more effective strategies and implementation plans.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Management. In addition to his fellowship of the Quality Society of Australasia, he is also a former board director, state president a fellow of the Australasian Society of Association Executives and member of the American Society of Association Executives. 

He is the author of the "Quality Journey", a publication that has become one of the most valuable documents for any businesses that are seeking to implement Quality Management principles.  He is also the author of "Organisational Culture & Change" a resource now used by tertiary students undertaking qualifications in business managment.  Nick is often called upon by organisations looking to grow and prosper and has a track record in facilitating organisational change for success.







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