What We Do - Association Management & Consulting   

Association Executive Services (AES) solves the problems that many not-for-profit associations face, by drawing on the experience of an expert staff and a team of specialists,  advisers and consultants.



Nick Koerbin founded AES in 2011. Nick had worked in the NFP sector as a CEO or senior executive for over 25-years and began to notice a trend in the problems that these associations faced. After growing frustrated with the recurrence of these issues, he decided to create an association that would assist executives in navigating and avoiding the problems that plague the sector.


To achieve this, AES provides a range of services that are divided into two core areas:

Not For Profit & Associations Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover all aspects of association or not for profit management. AES consultants are called upon daily to provide the latest knowledge, facilitate or negotiate. Our overarching objective is to add value for client so that they can perform and continue to improve. AES uses some of the latest analytical tools to help association leaders manage change.


AES assists clients by providing access to the management tool, the AES Association Best Practice Self Assessment Tool. This tool has been used by over 400 NFP organisation both in Australia and abroad, and it allows for a detailed self assessment of the current state of the association, so we can use this information to suggest improvements.


Our consultancy services are backed by the products and expertise that enable board members and managers of not for profit organisations to create an efficient and sustainable NFP organisation.


Secretariat and Association Management Services

This aspect of service delivery provides association executives and their NFP associations with full back office support. This means that important tasks are taken care of by experienced and skilled service providers, so executives can focus on achieving the core objectives of the organisation.


Delegation is essential for any executive, and with our full back office support, you can rest easy in knowing that everything is in good hands. Since our inception, we have enjoyed long relationships with clients.


Modern dedicated office and staff 
Managing all member queries and requirements 
Management of member database  
All governance compliance requirements 
Dedicated phone and fax line 
Post office and postal address
Maintenance of website  
Total finance reporting including monthly financial reports (MYOB or Xero)   
All Tax GST reporting requirements 
Managing member events and conferences  
Dedicated experienced interim Chief Executive or General Manager services  
Experienced association services project management staff eg Membership Drives, Sponsorship, Marketing, Communications  


Examples of other Services we have provided to AES Secretariat clients: 

  • Project Management of New Website Implementation    
  • Development of Certified Professional Status   
  • Production of Website Requirements Package 
  • Review of all media and manage new campaign 
  • Provided in-house Governance Training Program for Board 
  • Developed Budget and provided full financial analysis 
  • Managed conference and event 
  • Developed Sponsorship packages  

Past consultancy projects have included:

  • Providing support to new boards and assistance with all issues of governance   
  • Strategic Planning   
  • Website review and development   
  • Membership review and development
  • Organisational structure review
  • Development of quality manuals and assessments


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