Setting the Course for the Future - Over the Horizon Thinking and the Role of Associations

As we set our sights to 2024 and beyond we need to maintain our relevancy. It is imperative that Association and NFP Leaders envision possibilities beyond what is immediately apparent and genuinely consider what lies ahead. How will the trends of say climate change and technology affect our members over the long term? What about social and cultural shifts, or even urbanisation and changing demographics? How will these impact the people and organisations we serve in the years ahead? 

Our keynote speaker will set the pace for our conference. Not only will he be sharing his perspectives on what the future may hold for us, but will offer relevant ideas for consideration at the decision-making meetings we have ahead of us. 

Paul Tero

Paul Tero is a futurist and educator. His insights on the future that executives and leaders will be faced with are practical, and are backed by his experience and qualifications.

His career spans a number of industry sectors across organisational levels. With over 40 years in radio, information technology and education his forward-focused insights are enhanced by direct involvement in these sectors across the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

He consults, speaks, teaches and writes in the areas of IT, leadership, strategic thinking and the future.

He holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration (Technology Management), International Business, and Strategic Foresight. Paul is also a member of the Australian Computer Society, the Association of Professional Futurists, Economic Development Australia and the Professional Speakers Association. He is currently pursuing a PhD focused on the industries of the future.

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