Will Your Association Need to Pay Taxes for the First Time in 2024?

Two years ago, Association Executive Services was the first organisation to alert the NFP sector of the ATO’s announcement:  "If your not-for-profit organisation has an active Australian Business Number (ABN), you must lodge an NFP self-review return to access income tax exemption. Lodgements are required to be made from the 2023–24 income year onwards."

Each NFP organisation must undergo the self-assessment process. Those that need to lodge have until October 2024 to do so.

In this webinar, we have invited Assistant Commission Jennifer Moltisanti back to update us on how the ATO will be supporting thousands of not-for-profit organisations through the process. 

We will be asking all the crucial questions:

  • How do I assess my NFP organisation to determine if it is tax-exempt?
  • What support is there from the ATO?
  • How well do the accounting and bookkeeping population understand the process?
  • If our organisation is not tax-exempt for 2024 and beyond, will our NFP lose its NFP status?
  • Why are some associations exempt from lodging the self-assessment?
  • If the NFP is required to pay tax for 2024, is this retrospective?
  • We have not budgeted for any tax payable – this may create a financial problem in our organisation – is there any form of amnesty or flexibility?
  • Has the ATO identified the potential tax revenue that it will gather from this exercise?

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday 18 April
  • Time: 12 noon to 1.00pm
  • Venue: Online via Zoom 
  • Cost: 
    • AES Members: FREE
    • Non-Members: $50


About the Presenters 

Jennifer Moltisanti, Assistant Commissioner - NFP Centre and Government Relations, ATO
Jennifer Moltisanti is an ATO Assistant Commissioner heading up the NFP Centre and Government Relations teams. Jennifer’s focus is directed at strengthening the integrity of tax administration for not-for-profits and Government clients. She works closely with clients and intermediaries to understand how the sector can be best supported to get tax obligations right, both now and into the future. Prior to her appointment in the ATO, Jennifer was a senior manager with the Australian Customs Service. Jennifer holds a Master of Business Administration from the Melbourne Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University. Jennifer has a broad experience in public sector administration and has held a diplomatic role with Australia’s permanent delegation to the OECD as Australia’s first Minister-Counsellor Taxation. Jennifer is consistently drawn to delivering for the public good and increasingly for those most vulnerable in the community. Jennifer’s passion for lending voice to key issues that support sustainable generational change is exampled in her recent appointment as the ATO’s Diversity Champion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Nick Koerbin, Executive Director, AES
With over 30 years of management expertise, Executive Director and Founder of AES, Nick Koerbin is one of the most experienced NFP leaders in Australia. He has held positions as the CEO of Materials Australia, the National Parts Code, as well as senior positions in the Institute of Insurance, Australian Quality Council, the Financial Planning Association, the Australian Human Resources Institute, and the Furniture Industry Association of Australia. Nick created AES with a vision of creating a set of management practices that could be consistently followed to ensure success. Over his 30 years in the industry, he noticed that inconsistent management practices often impeded delivery of services to members, which in turn created issues with membership renewal. By establishing AES and creating the NFP Association Best Practice Self-Assessment, Nick has been able to assist leaders in becoming more confident and informed decision makers so that they can create more effective strategies and implementation plans.


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