What are the Essential Skills for Association Administration Staff?

What are the Essential Skills for Association Administration Staff?

By Nick Koerbin

Leading a not-for-profit association comes with its unique set of challenges, and one of the most crucial aspects is having a strong administration team to keep everything running smoothly. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with our admin staff from Association Executive Services, who shared what they believe are the core competencies required for their roles. Here's what I found:

😎 Masteringng the Microsoft Suite
It's no surprise that proficiency in the Microsoft suite of products is non-negotiable. This includes:
Outlook: For efficient email management and scheduling.
Word: For creating and editing documents.
PowerPoint: To craft compelling presentations.
Excel: For data analysis and financial tracking.

😎 Website and CRM Management
Admin staff must be tech-savvy, especially when updating the Association's Website and keeping web pages current and relevant.
Manage the Customer Retention System (CRM), ensuring accurate and up-to-date member data.

😎 Event Management Expertise
Organising events is a big part of the job. Admin staff should be adept at the following:
Planning and Coordinating Events, from small meetings to large conferences, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

😎 Board Support
Supporting the board is critical. This includes:
Distributing Agendas and Papers
Ensuring board members are well-prepared.
Taking Minutes: Accurately recording meeting discussions and decisions.

😎 Graphic Design Skills
A touch of creativity goes a long way. Competency in graphic software such as Canva or InDesign for designing marketing materials and newsletters.

😎 Financial Software Proficiency
Keeping track of finances is essential, so being able to use:
Xero and MYOB For managing budgets and accounts.

😎 Google Suite Knowledge
The Google suite is another vital tool, with products such as:
Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive For collaboration and document sharing.

😎 Social Media Savvy
In today's digital age, the ability to:
Post on Social Media, engage with members and promote association activities.

😎 Interpersonal Skills
An excellent admin team is one that:
Relates Well with All Team Members
Building strong internal and external relationships.

😎 Supports the Needs of Members
Providing excellent customer service and member support.

😎 Touch Typing
And finally, an often-overlooked but handy skill:
Touch Typing at Least 40 Words Per Minute, enhancing productivity and efficiency.